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For Businesses

We are available to help businesses large and small by providing child care solutions and valuable resources that will help employers and employees increase productivity and thrive.


Child Care Resource and Referral agencies are available to help businesses find child care solutions for employees through a range of services, including:

  • Work-Life Seminars, which are employee-focused, on-site classes offered on a range of topics—from parenting and child development to stress management and work-life balance.
  • Work-Life Needs Assessments to review the organizational work-life environment and make recommendations to enable businesses to develop family-friendly policies and procedures.
  • Guidance on Employer-Sponsored Child Care Subsidies to help employees afford the cost of child care.
  • Child Care Program Start-Up to assist in the set-up and implementation of company child care.
  • Emergency Back-Up Child Care Plan Development, so a plan is in place to offer on-site child care in the case of inclement weather, a natural disaster or other emergencies.
  • Enhanced Child Care Referrals, enabling employers to offer fee-based services to their employees, from more comprehensive child care information and placement services to expanded searches, extended referral service hours and more.

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