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Birth-to-Three Quality Initiative (B-3QI)

The Birth-to-Three Quality Initiative (B-3QI) was established to improve the quality and availability of care for children ages birth to three in North Carolina through forging collaborative partnerships with teachers and directors.

Birth-to-Three Specialists (B-3S) have extensive knowledge, certifications and specialized training in infant and toddler care and development. They offer support and training in your area through the NC Birth-to-Three Quality Initiative (B-3QI), a special project of the NC Child Care Resource & Referral Council. Each county has a B-3S dedicated to supporting its child care centers.

Coaching is offered at no cost to you through funding from the NC Division of Child Development and Early Education.

Cost for training depends upon the agency offering the training.

Please reach out to a member of the Birth-to-Three Quality Initiative team or the Specialist in your area.

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