N.C. Statewide Family Child Care Project (FCC)

Working to support and enhance family child care homes across North Carolina.


The N.C. Statewide Family Child Care Home Project was established in 2019. The project was created initially to conduct research that provided a realistic picture of the state of family child care homes (FCCHs) in North Carolina and to generate recommendations for strengthening and supporting current and future FCCHs.

Since the completion of the research, using the recommendations as a guide, the project has worked within the CCR&R system to provide training and technical assistance to Professional Development and TA practitioners who support Family Child Care Homes. Convening training and conducting community of practice forums with CCR&R staff have provided consistent engagement opportunities for all areas of the state.

Additionally, the project has worked with collaborating partners and stakeholders at the state and federal level to elevate and inform policy discussions that positively impact licensed Family Child Care Home professional educators. Through this work, the project now co-sponsors the NC SFamily Child Care Home Advisory Council. The Council is composed of providers, parents and partnering agencies with the goal of lifting the collective voices of NC’s licensed FCCH professional educators.

The project continues to evolve as NC addresses the recommendations from the research report. For additional information on current activities, please contact Daniel Bates, N.C. Statewide FCCH Project Manager.

The N.C. Statewide Family Child Care Home Project is managed by Southwestern Child Development Commission.

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