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Quality child care is a necessity for many families in North Carolina, and it is also a significant expense. How does CCR&R improve the quality of child care services in North Carolina?


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CCR&R agencies are a valuable go-to resource for child care research, statistics, reports and much more.

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Mary Erwin

CCR&R Council Coordinator
Child Care Services Association

Support is provided by CCR&R agencies to the community at large in a number of ways, including:

  • State Child Care Facts and Figures
  • Child Care Research
  • Child Care Supply and Demand
  • Data Collection, Analysis, and Dissemination: Provision of varied and comprehensive data to identify community needs as well as to shape/refine service delivery and inform public policy. Examples of data collected and analyzed include:
    • Child care program supply and parental demand
    • Number of referrals made to both preschoolers and school-agers
    • Type and number of programs and their licensing status
    • Child care fees/rates
    • Child care vacancies
  • Advocacy: Promotion of community involvement, planning, and work to make high-quality child care a reality for all children. Examples of advocacy efforts include:
    • Education around issues that affect children and communities
    • Involvement with child-serving groups
    • Awareness around legislative agendas and contact information for elected officials

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