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Birth-to-Three Quality Initiative (B-3QI)

The Birth-to-Three Quality Initiative (B-3QI) was established to improve the quality and availability of care for children ages birth to three in North Carolina through forging collaborative partnerships with teachers and directors.


The Birth-to-Three Quality Initiative (B-3QI) team provides services statewide, including coaching for child care programs and other community consultants and training specific to birth-to-three high quality practices.

B-3QI uses a Practice-Based Coaching framework that involves building partnerships and shared goals with infant and toddler teachers and administrators to help them plan for and achieve high quality practices that are responsive to their communities and cultures.

The Birth-to-Three Quality Initiative focuses on professional development for early childhood educators through cohort-based learning experiences that will be offered throughout the year. Cohort-based learning is a collaborative learning style in which a group of individuals advance through an educational program together focused on birth-to-three care. Throughout the course, participants will engage in peer-to-peer collaborative groups to reflect and develop goals for their own classrooms.  Look for information about upcoming cohorts in our quarterly newsletter and from your Regional Birth-to-Three Specialist(s).

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