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Healthy Social Behaviors Project (HSB)

Supporting teachers to promote healthy social-emotional development and reduce the expulsion rate among young children in licensed child care centers across North Carolina.

No, our technical assistance and coaching services are free.

There is usually a small registration fee for training. That fee is set by the Lead and/or Local CCR&R agency.

That timeline varies anywhere from 30 days to 3 months or longer from specialist to specialist, depending on their caseload and waiting list. The technical assistance we provide is intensive and long-term; it’s not a quick fix. We won’t cut short assistance in one classroom just to move on to another. We want to make sure the teacher(s) are competent and confident before we leave.

Please contact your Regional Behavior Specialist to obtain a Request for Services. Not sure how to contact your regional Behavior Specialist? Email the Statewide Project Manager, Smokie Brawley at and she’ll hook you up.

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