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Healthy Social Behaviors Project (HSB)

Supporting teachers to promote healthy social-emotional development and reduce the expulsion rate among young children in licensed child care centers across North Carolina.

Child Care Resources Inc.

National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations


Check out our Pinterest page, Tuckers NC Nest, for visual tools to promote social-emotional development.

Social-Emotional Connections Network

Join Social-Emotional Connections, a statewide early childhood network organized by the NC Healthy Social Behaviors Project (HSB). Our focus is on creating a platform for early childhood administrators, teachers and support staff across North Carolina to connect with one another. Professionals gain access to current and relevant resources to support the overall social-emotional well-being of administration, staff, families and children.


Join our Twitter-sphere, @OhBehaveTips, for regular reminders about promoting social-emotional development.

Virtual Binders

Browse our Virtual Binders that include archived issues of the HSB newsletter, Oh Behave!, a collection of Disaster Response Resources, a binder of scripted stories for classroom use or examples and directions for some of our favorite Props for Preventing Challenging Behavior.

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